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IL-HC Burner
IL-HC Burner Share
ㆍDesigned for direct-fired air heating and medium/ low temperature drying;
ㆍLow CO, NOx emissions;
ㆍModular design for capacity (500kW/ft);
ㆍShort flame length (max. length: 900mm);
ㆍMeet ANSI/CSA standards;
ㆍRegulation ratio 30:1;
ㆍNo combustion fan required.

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IL-HC Burner
Category : Low-temperature burner

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IL-HC Burner

      IL-HC burner is a kind of direct-fired drying and heating burner designed according to EN746-2.The IL-HC burner is installed in the air duct and can generate a wide flame-heating area in seconds. It can be applied to all kinds of low and medium temperature heating scenarios,such as air heating oven,industrial drying oven and air heater,ect,,especially for the case where the heating space is limited.

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