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PTC-F Burner
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ㆍApplicable maximum combustion chamber temperature 950°C
ㆍHigh convective heat transfer efficiency
ㆍTurn down ratio 20:1
ㆍFlexible adjustment to meet a variety of temperature control needs
ㆍExcellent low fire performance
ㆍPerfect for both high and low temperature applications
ㆍLow CO and NOx emissions
ㆍApplicable to natural gas and LPG
ㆍDirect ignition with spark plug
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PTC-F Burner
Category : High-temperature burner

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PTC-F Burner

       PTC-F gas burner is a high-precision temperature control burner designed by DYDTEC for industrial applications. It has the characteristics of wide capacity regulation range, sufficient combustion, reliability and stability, high convective heat transfer efficiency and so on. It has a wide range of applications, such as hot air heater, drying furnace, preheating furnace, ceramic shuttle kiln, glass tempering furnace, quenching furnace, annealing furnace, RTO, thermal oxidation furnace, etc.

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