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SMARTLINK MRV Electronic Ratio Valves
SMARTLINK MRV Electronic Ratio Valves แชร์
- Precise and repeatable flow control optimizes fuel efficiency, enables accurate temperature control and lowers burner emissions
- SMARTLINK® MRV is an electronic parallel positioning system for air/fuel ratio control; for use in industrial applications providing a high degree of precision, repeatability and durability
- Synchronous control of up to four valves with conventional signal from the user’s process controller
- Direct coupled valve and actuator assembly includes weatherproof housing with integrated position feedback and heavy duty planetary gearheads for reliable, long life operation
- Compact, robust design mounts in any orientation
- Each SMARTLINK® Valve is adjustable to 0.1 degrees accuracy
- UL and CE approved electronics and software for airfuel ratio control
- Stores a 22 point user-customized profile for each valve
- Factory Mutual (FM) approved as non-incendive for Hazardous Locations Class I, Division 2 and ATEX, IEC Ex and KC approval; standard actuator is also NEMA 4X, Class II, Division 2 approved
- Maintenance-free operation; no lubrication required. No valve packing to adjust
- Electronic passcode protection eliminates valve profile tampering
- Simple set-up; no PC required
- Standby, purge and light off positions can be defined independent of valve profiles
SMARTLINK MRV Electronic Ratio Valves
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